Out of Sight, Out of Mind?

Let’s start with a few images of how I have used sight lines and focal points in my home…Buddha framed by a main window, a feathery welcome on the wall as you enter the powder room, bold pattern and organic accents on the dominant wall as you approach the sitting room, and pink doors to welcome you in the entrance hall.  Now let’s explore how you can transform your own interiors by making the most of this design element.

I just love a well dressed sight line in a house, that place that pulls your eye through the space and lands on all kinds of wonderfulness! This is called making the most of a focal point, and people, this is good design. When done right, it is a literal feast for the eye.  

We all like to make the most of our own looks, right? We know our “better side” for photographs and which physical attributes to highlight when dressing and making wardrobe selections. Well your home has its own special assets, its “better side”,  its potential pieces de resistance. The question is are you making the most of them? You are your home’s stylist, and as such you need to capitalize on its best features, particularly its focal points, and seize the opportunities they offer to show off these spaces.  

As you walk through your home, start to look at it a little differently. What are the sight lines as you move from room to room? You always want to draw the eye through a space and let it settle on something strong, interesting in shape or material, colorful, light reflective, or boldly patterned. The end of a long hallway is my absolute favorite place to work this styling magic. Or, it could be the optimally placed arched window or window dressing, a unique set of doors, or a dominant wall facing you as you approach the room. All the places your eye lands are design opportunities just waiting for your to give them a little love, and a little love goes a long way. For example, try a lacquered accent paint color on the wall at the end of a hallway with a single chair in an opposing texture, a single papered wall for a pattern punch, an earthy, organic chandelier over a simple table, a beautiful set of carved, bleached wood antique doors, a special hood over the range in your kitchen, or an oversized mirror or abstract painting to hold court over the chest that greets you when you enter your space. If you treat these visual avenues and their landing zones as the heroes in your interiors, you will raise the style factor of the whole space exponentially.  So we say a big NO to the question posed in the above title! Absolutely not to “out of sight, out of mind”. Instead, let’s go for “I couldn’t pull my eye away and wow, I can’t stop thinking about the stroke of stylistic brilliance I just witnessed in that wonderful space!”  

The shots below are examples of beautifully designed focal points, drawing you in by making the most of their sight lines.  

Images clockwise from top left via @kerrykirkphoto, @orange_party, @emdesigninc, @homecurators, @atlantahomesmagazine, @lonnymag, @jeffreyneveinteriordesign, @odginteriors, @kerrykirkphoto, @emdesigninc, @marievrot, and @nicoledavisinteriors.

So carpe domus everyone!  Share any pics you may have of the “well appointed focal point” in comments below. XO|ak 

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