The Skinny on Millennial Pink

I get the hype, I do. It’s the “it girl” of color; everyone seems to be using it in interior design, home decor, and fashion.  Recently my own spin on it is the “pièce de résistance” of my just completed home renovation…. a hallway filled with pink doors. But not because this color is trendy…

It may surprise you to learn that pink is actually an ancient color.  It has been used on doors, walls, and other architectural accents for centuries. Pink sand stretches out in graceful carpets on many of our worlds’ beaches.  It might be “on trend” now, but the beauty and universality of this color is derived from it’s colorful (pun intended) history.

Pink appears in our natural world everywhere, showing off  it’s rich beauty. Already organically woven into our lives, it is no wonder we’re so drawn to it.    Explore your inner pink prowess and take a chance on this new neutral by adding a pop of pink to your home. Each time I enter my house, for some reason my new doors still surprise me a little, and I continue to delight in the way the funky brass hardware pops off this particular shade of dusty pink.  As I then look down my happy hallway, my eye is drawn into the step-down living room where pale, orchid heavyweight cotton curtains frame two sets of French doors leading to the courtyard.  Ahhh…..Sometimes it’s the little things that, if we slow down enough to take them in, are all we need to elicit a smile, and to be happy in the moment. 

Fun Facts/How To’s:

How do you get the right pink? Trust me, I do this for a living, and it’s not easy.  Handy little paint trick….if you ever try out a color that is either too dark or muddy, sort of  “too much” of what it looks like on the paint strip, have your paint store add a drop of black.  That is how I got my millenial pink mojo going just perfectly for my space.

If you are not feeling millennial and dusty pinkish, all shades of this iconic color – blush, hot pink, ballet, rose, and even salmony pink – all look good with varying shades of brass and gold hardware.

I’d love to see your take on this new neutral.   Go ahead….the pink world is your oyster!  Tag @anna.kemper.atelier in your post!

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