The White Shirt Edit

I have a lot of white shirts. I love them. They are beloved. They are like my comfort food of clothing, my adult blankie or passie if you will.  Seeing those white shirts when I open my closet doors in the morning, all lined up together on their matching hangers like loyal little soldiers, just means all is going to be right with the morning. They are just so wonderfully reliable and steadfast. I know they say you can’t take it with you, but I kind of want to arrive at the Pearly Gates in a white shirt, with a steamer trunk full of all my other white shirts. Maybe God and St. Peter will make a slight exception this time and let me bring my white shirts with me to Heaven. I promise I would share them with everybody. (Duh, of course you share if you make it to Heaven.) I love my white shirts so much that I have used the moniker six times in one paragraph.  I am sure there’s a former English teacher rolling over in her grave somewhere. 

Anyway, despite whether or not I will receive this special dispensation when I move on to my next life, I want you to share my love of the iconic white shirt.It can take you to any place, at any time, at any age and at any stage your figure happens to be in.  The white shirt IS blurred lines, in the form of a top.  See the style shots below for some of my favorites.  You can shop these and lots of others a little further down.  Many of them are on sale, so you can beef up this best-of-basics in your closet. You will find that your outfit options have just increased exponentially! You can thank me later.  🙂

  Happy Shopping and share any of your white shirt winners below!

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