The Jumpsuit Edit

photo @brennan.booker

Onesies, rompers, overalls, culottes.  All the fashion designers must have harkened back to their collective inner child again this season, because the fall jumpsuit is still in full swing. I first blogged about this emerging trend as the new go-to piece for last spring and summer.  Well, this maven of one piece dressing is topping the fashion lists for fall and winter just as prominently as it did for spring and summer. My first foray into the jumpsuit look was this past March, when I visited my daughter Annie in Austin, Texas. Our shopping sprees quickly turned into Jumpsuit Extravaganza, and thankfully it was a joint effort in the dressing room.  We’ve all been there.. and by no means is it a deal breaker, but sometimes there is a little wrasslin’ involved in getting into some of these one piece wonders.   But hey, we were in Texas, so wrasslin’ needed to be somewhere on the weekend agenda, right?  Now be prepared, when you join the jumpsuit world, there will likely be the occasional need for a bathroom buddy, but again, not to worry, we ladies all like to look out for each other. How many times have you been out on the town in a great looking outfit and you just needed that extra pair of hands to help negotiate some hard to reach zippers or buttons? That’s when your bathroom bestie, a gal you’ve never met before, won’t talk to again, couldn’t pick out from a lineup, steps up to the plate for assistance, and that friends, is a special bond. I would definitely help a fellow devotee with a zipper or two, and have come to expect the same. Girl solidarity and all that….

Bottom line, I adore one piece dressing, and the jumpsuit is all that and more.  Chic and comfy, throw it on with platform heels, flats, stilettos or your favorite tennies, and you are all styled up for work or play.  It truly checks all the boxes, and it just doesn’t get much better than that! So whether it touches some part of our subconscious age of innocence, we just want to channel a Charlie’s Angels look for the day, or we just dig the idea of one stop shopping when combing through those closet racks, it’s time to add the jumpsuit to the weekly fashion repertoire.  Appropriate for all ages, easily dressed up or down, effortlessly taking you from day to evening, the jumpsuit needs to be one of your major “go-tos” this season. Shop the collection below where you will find gobs of choices, some for fall and some good summer sale pieces too. READY, SET,  JUMP!