The Unstructured Dress and Fall Bootie

Ever have those days when your closet looks like a tornado tore through it after you have tried on 10 different outfits while trying to dash off to work or a meeting? Ever feel like torching your closet after ransacking it for the perfect ensemble for date night or an evening out with friends? I have even heard tales of people tripping over multiple pairs of shoes strewn about the bedroom when coming home after having one too many, just trying to navigate to the bed and face plant. No personal experience with that one… ha ha 🙂 Ladies, we do not have to create chaos in the closet or risk injury all in the service of being stylish. Just pull out your fall clothes, do a little smart shopping and load up on the wardrobe combo that will never fail you…the unstructured dress and ankle bootie. Be sure to have both of these staples in your closet ready to mix and match, and you have mastered the art of simple and chic fall fashion. If you like, just add a blue jean or camo jacket or vest, a smart scarf or layers of necklaces and head out the door. When the weather cools, add tights and a slouchy sweater or deep V vest for a cool layered variation. In other words, modify here and there to suit your taste, age and body type and you are set to go. Now that is the AK Atelier way!

Something to keep in mind…..expand your repertoire beyond the black and brown ankle boot. These staples will always serve you well, but don’t be afraid to venture into blush pink velvet, burgundy, army green, navy and other rich colors. This will only elevate your style to a new level with this foolproof wardrobe combo, so have some fun experimenting. And please share any new finds and outfits you put together! xo|AK

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